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   A little background first. There are (as far as the scope of this program is
   concerned) 2 separate Internet IP address types assigned to a host PC, they
   are either static or    dynamic IP addresses. Typically hosts with a static
   Internet IP address never change and are directly reachable through internet.
   This means that there are no other devices between this host PC and it's
   Internet connection. The other situation is where a host PC sits behind a NAT
   router/firewall where on a LAN it may have a dynamic or a static IP address
   assigned, but externally the Internet IP address assigned to the router is
   really how this host PC is known to the outside world. This script is meant
   to retrieve that external Internet IP address by which the host PC is known
   to the outside world. This is typically the case when dealing with the
   standard dial-up, DSL, Cable modem ISP accounts.

   In additon, if the external IP address assigned to the user's connection
   (through the router or directly the PC itself) changes dynamically the script
   can be re-run to show the new resulting IP address. This is actually the
   reason why I developed the code. I have a DSL connection to my ISP, it does
   not change frequently, in fact it only seems to change if I specifically
   disconnect and re-connect. I wanted an easy and reliable way of retrieving
   my ISP assigned IP address. On my LAN I have several PCs which all have a
   static IP address assigned to them. If I issue one of the standard TCP/IP
   commands to retrieve the host PC IP address I would get the following:

   command: hostid

   As you can tell the IP address returned is my LAN static IP address, not the
   external Internet IP address which has been assigned to my DSL connection by
   my ISP. Since I wanted to run some Internet services on one of my machines I
   needed a way to retrieve that external address.

    * The program can be used by anybody for free.
    * Only the complete program may be used. It is not allowed to copy tools or other
       parts of the program.
    * If this program is used to produce any results the program has to be mentioned.
    * This program is not intended to be used for any security critical applications.
       If it is used in any such application, the authors do not take any responsibility for
       any damage or any other problem that might occur.
    * This program must not be used in any commercial application, must not be sold in
       part, or as part of another software or hardware.
    * Commercial applications of any kind require a written permittance of the authors
       and payment of an adequate fee.

GetMyIP Enhancement:

GetMyIp SMTP Mail Send enhancement by Ehlertronic-Soft

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