Download eCSClamAV Version  1.0.0

eCSClamAV is free software!    

           eCSClamAV comes with absolutely no Warranty.
           Contact for bug reports and suggestions.

eCSClamAV is a GUI for ClamAV.
eCSClamAV uses ClamAV antivirus software.

ClamAV on your PC must be installed.  

The required files for ClamAV (clamav-0_94_2-os2) can be loaded from here:
libc 0.6.3 runtime:
libc pathrewriter dll:
or all 3 Files in one ZIP:

On ClamAV installation problems the following links may be help:

After starting eCSClamAV must first have some eCSClamAV SETTINGS
Settings are made.

ClamAV Folder                          Here is the root directory of ClamAV
                                                 (e.g., C: \ PROGRAMS \ ClamAV).

National Language Support      The language used
                                                 (ENGLISH or DEUTSCH)

    * The program can be used by anybody for free.
    * Only the complete program may be used. It is not allowed to copy tools or other
       parts of the program.
    * If this program is used to produce any results the program has to be mentioned.
    * This program is not intended to be used for any security critical applications.
       If it is used in any such application, the authors do not take any responsibility for
       any damage or any other problem that might occur.
    * This program must not be used in any commercial application, must not be sold in
       part, or as part of another software or hardware.
    * Commercial applications of any kind require a written permittance of the authors
       and payment of an adequate fee.

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